United Kempo Martial Arts Academy is Australia’s Premier Kempo / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) School. Our schools success started from our early days back in 1997 and has climbed to the top of the martial arts school food chain becoming the innovator not an imitator. Be a part of our schools success we have enlighten 1000’s of students at our schools across Sydney in the past 11 years. Many students have achieved black belts with our school and have had successful futures. Thanks to the many life skills our martial arts programme instills on all serious and willing students. Our School can turn your child from the shy kid with no confidence to a well presented confident member of society. Also our benefits are more personal whether it is weight loss or self defence our school and our staff can help you achieve all your personal improvement goals. If it’s physical or mental improvement you seek our school can help you. Our school is open minded which is important when choosing a school of martial arts as we are constantly learning from some of Australia’s and some of the world’s best specialist martial artists.

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  1. Studio 5A, Corner of Fifteenth and Edmondson Ave, West Hoxton Shopping Centre, WEST HOXTON NSW 2179